A Sneak Peak into the March Subscription Box!

Soo this is not something that we normally do but we have decided to give you a sneak peak into our Spring box that ships in March! 
Don’t worry we won’t be showing you ‘all the things’ but if you’d like a tiny glimpse then here you have it!
A stunning pair of bumble bee custom made earrings hand made, woodburned and painted by Honeybeezigns. These will go along perfectly with our March box theme - can you guess what it is? Eek!
We love Meghan's incredible talent and we are excited that she will be a part of our Spring Box that ships in March.
FYI Spring boxes are selling fast! And don’t forget to check out our BEST SELLER the Seasonal Subscription box!
Question - do you own a cute pair of custom made earrings? 


  • Yes, we can definitely accommodate you and we have ordered something else to replace the earrings. Thank you for letting us know well in advance :-)

    True North
  • Can I get something else instead of the earrings.? I do not have pierced ears


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