Cabin Tales Fall 2020


hand drawn cabin

The wind nearly whipped the door from out of her grasp as she entered in through the back door of the cabin. What had started out as an early evening cool crisp fall hike had turned into a blustery battle as the western winds came over the mountain top and down the valley pushing her along the trail. She was so thankful for the cozy headband that kept her ears warm on the return home. And now, as she entered the cabin, warmth enveloped her and she was greeted by the flicker of a candle burning on the coffee table while it threw off its delicious pumpkin spice aroma.
Late afternoon hikes and the mountain air always make a hiker feel hunger so she was thankful to see there was still some Buttermilk Pancake & Waffle Mix on the shelf above the stove. Breakfast food for supper was a favourite in her home. Her eye caught the maple leaf sign that sat on the fireplace mantel, oh, she loved everything about the season, the beautiful fall leaves and all the colors,cool crisp mornings, campfires, warm sweaters &steamy hot baths.
Yes, she thought a hot bath would warm her up before making supper for the rest of the family. And then remembering the lemon and rosemary loofah soap that she had just received she wandered into the bathroom to draw a lovely relaxing hot bath, all the while being so thankful for home and thanking God for this land called Canada.


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