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Canadian Made Subscription Box Fall Edition

Delivering Boxes of Canadian Comfort

Hello freind!

We'll if you're here it's quite possible that you have or are considering purchasing a TRUE NORTH Subscription Box.  Thank you for being here! At TRUE NORTH we like to say that we deliver boxes of Canadian comfort to your front porch and we believe we did just that this past Fall.

We were honored to work with a number of Canadian small business owners and we want to show them off:

True North Subscription Boxes Showing Off Our Canadian Small Business Friends!

Canadian Subscription Boxes

Our aim is to offer a Canadian experience and to introduce you to many small Canadian businesses across this wonderful land.  So here we go:


It has been my pleasure to know Teresa, the owner of Giftologie for many years.  She is a wife and mom of two boys.  She works from her studio at the end of her garden and she is one of the loveliest.  Her heart is to bring words of affirmation that you can wear and believe on a daily basis.  We have featured her jewelry in our previous boxes but this time we want to bring one of her linen pouches to your home.  We chose the design from her current Fall collection and we choose our own custom quote because truly - you can't get any more Canadian that Anne of Green Gables

True North Canadian Subscription Boxes


We often bring to you candles but this season we thought it would be fun to try something different.  And so the lovely Carrie from CARRIES ABC's which you can find on Etsy brought to us her newly released Stove Top Simmers.  So of course we chose her Autumn Harvest scent!  AMAZING!

Canadian Subscription Box Stove Top Simmers


As the Fall approaches and we often experience an Indian Summer so we wanted to bring a light weight yet cozy scarf to your home and neck!  And how fun that this scarf also features a hidden pocket.  Perfect for Fall hikes when you want to take your keys, debit card or yes ... even a secret stash of chocolate lol  This scarf came out of Montreal and was created by 

True North Canadian Subscription Box - pocket scarf


If you love cooking shows then you may have seen the lovely Jo Notkin of Zoe Ford Montreal on Canada's Top Chef Season 8.  Since her time there Jo has gone on to create an amazing collection of baking mixes.  So of course we had to include her delicious Crispy Pancakes!  I told you we like to deliver Canadian comfort in a box!

True North Subscription Boxes Pancake Mix


Our local Coffee Company - Gravelly Bay Coffee Co from Ridgeway provided us with their Honduras fresh ground coffee - which some of you who have reported back have said it's makes an amazing brew!  We are so happy to hear that. 

True North Subscription Boxes coffee blend
And last but not least we wanted to bring to you our own THANK YOU!  Thank you to a subscriber who sent me a photo of our cute THANKFUL block on a her Fall Inspired shelf.
We truly are thankful for you as you all continue to help us support some incredible Canadian small businesses!  Just a quick reminder that the deadline for order the Christmas box is NOVEMBER 6th
So thankful for you!
True North Subscription Boxes

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  • I am very thankful for all of the great and thoughtful items you send in your subscription boxes. Your items always make me smile.

    Rose-ann fawdrey

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