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Complete Transparency on Free Shipping ...anybody?

How to get free shipping

Hi Friends,

We know that shipping fees are nobody's friend.  We don't like them either as they are every small business owners nemesis.  Shipping fees can really deter some small businesses from growing to their full potential ... it stinks, and especially within Canada.


Some subscription box companies ask their suppliers for free products or they ask their suppliers for product at cost which means the supplier makes no money in the transaction.  Those savings then allows the subscription box company to offer free shipping.  However, we at True North don't believe in that philosophy.  We work directly with small mom & pop businesses and we believe in paying them their asking price for the products they make and sell. They are trying to make a living and we want to support them!

Other subscription box businesses offer free shipping with the understanding that the value of the box contents decreases.  So if we offer free shipping where usually we'd charge $12.00 shipping per box then there is a $12.00 value that is no longer included in the contents of your box.  We have thought about offering that but it isn't something we feel great about doing.  However, if down the line we see that our subscribers would like option then we may consider it.  But for now we give you the full $$ value inside your box.


So we have come up with an option for you to get free shipping.  During 2021 we are running a buy-one, donate-one campaign.  Whenever you purchase a pair of pocket warmer from our Moose Creek Market place, we will donate a pair to a local charity and for a limited time we will give you FREE SHIPPING.

After purchasing a box and when checking out you simply make sure you select 'Purchased a pair of pocket warmers' in the shipping drop down menu and that will enable the free shipping option for you.

We are constantly trying to source new ways to bring down the shipping fees.  Truthfully for every flat rate shipping fee North of Ontario we pay anywhere from $5-11 extra on top of what you pay. NFL, NWT & some places in B.C are sometimes up to $21.00 in shipping fees ... it's crazy but it is the cost of doing businesses. We understand that.


What if you've already paid for your annual/seasonal shipping fee?  Then when you purchase a pair of warmers just email us and we'll refund you the cost of the shipping for the box that they will be delivered in.


Yes as long as you add a pair of hand warmers to your order.


These pocket warmers can be used during the winter and summer months.  In the winter they are amazing heated up warm and used for coat pockets or slipping inside boots on chilly days.  You can use them either hot or cold to place on tired, sore or puffy eyes.  During the summer keep them in the fridge and cold then apply them to any insect bit, bee sting, sun burn etc.  There are many uses for them and they are great for giving as small gifts. They are scent free and filled with rice so you don't have to worry if you are sensitive to scent.  However if you do like scent then feel free to add your own drop of essential oil to the pocket warmer.


If you choose not to purchase the pocket warmers and therefore pay shipping,  then let me encourage you with this thought...We have discounted the shipping a little for you via your flat rate shipping fee. You will receive at least 4-5 items in your box.  You pay one flat rate fee for the box.  If, however, you were to order those items separately from each supplier then you would pay 4-5 different shipping fees!  See what I'm saying :-)  Either way shipping is a pain but getting everything all wrapped up in a box does help save you some money!

So that's it friend, from this small business owner, it's true...shipping stinks - we understand.  We wish we were Amazon Prime lol but we're not.  We simply exist to support and encourage other small Canadian business owners and we truly appreciate your purchases!  They help us, they help other small businesses, they encourage the Canadian economy and we HOPE your purchase encourages you!

Thanks for reading this far! No seriously give yourself a pat on the back!

And if you have any further questions you can always email us at we are always here to help!


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