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Spoiler Alert: Summer Box Reveal

Welcome friend,

We understand that the way you spend your money matters.  Recently we ran a survey asking you what you would like to know about a True North box before purchasing. So many of you indicated that you would like to know which small businesses would be featured in the boxes but that you would still like a surprise. So here it is:

1. The first small business that we'll be working with is our home-town maker Kristen from FurEver Farm House in Fort Erie Ontario.  Kristen has already made a few pieces for our boxes and we are so thankful for her willingness to make custom items for us.  The piece she is making can be used in-doors or out.  It has a rustic farmhouse feel and is a Rae Dunn inspired piece.

2. We are so happy to be using the all natural and organic products that are created by Elle Studio Organics from Manitoba.  The product that we will be featuring in our box will be perfect for use during the summer and fall months.

3.  Our third maker is the amazing Grow Tea Company from Banff Alberta.  We chose this particular tea company for a few reasons.  Firstly we love their in-depth knowledge of all things botanical (please go and visit their website). We adore their containers that are so pretty and can be kept out on display AND we love their tea.  The tea chosen for your box can be enjoyed hot or it makes a delicious cool and refreshing summer tea.

summer iced tea


4. Keeping with our theme of organic and all natural products we are delivering to you products that have been designed and printed by KLIIN (pronounced clean) from Quebec, Ontario  The product(s) that we are including in your box are very similar to ones that I received for Christmas and they are wonderful.  They greatly reduce waste and are environmentally friendly.  You will love them!

5. Using essential oils and only all natural, vegan and cruelty free products we have included a product from Geti Cosmetics from B.C. Their product will allow for some pampering while calming and restoring damaged skin.  

6. And lastly you may just find something fun for your planter box and possibly a small treat to enjoy while you unpack your summer box.  This box is valued is $65.00

However, it is worth noting that we are not a subscription box business that promises a high value box for a drastically lower price.  We will always provide you with the $$ value that you have spent to purchase a box.  We pay each small business their asking price.  We never ask for items for free or at cost as some other subscription box businesses do (not all but some do).  True North exists to come alongside to support and promote small Canadian business owners and so we will will also pay their asking price.. 

By purchasing a summer box you are supporting 5 Canadian small business owners including our very own making it 6 and we are all incredibly thankful.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need further information.

Take much care,


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  • Shelley I love your subscription box. I love supporting small business. I love it that you do not tell us whats in the box and that you just give us a hint. I am happy that you gave me a choice about jewelry because I do not have pierced ears. I think your boxes are better than most boxes. The items are unique and home made which is worth in my opinion priceless. Thank you.

    Rose-ann fawdrey

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