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The Story Beyond The Box

True North Subscription Boxes - The Story Beyond The Box


Before we close for a few days over Christmas we wanted to share a True North Experience with you. 

Each time we curate a box we want it to be filled with vision and story.  We select items that draw together to share the story we hope you capture.   As we head into 2022 we think you'll see more of those stories unfold as we continue to join hands with many small Canadian businesses and our friends Parks Canada.

 True North Subscription Box

Our Winter box was designed to take you to the Mountains.  You see inside this box I wanted you to put on your hiking socks, take hold of your mountain and climb.

I wanted the scent of Pine to be all around you. I wanted you to find a quiet place on that mountainside and linger long enough to sip hot tea and breathe. 

And after a long trek back I’d hope that you’d catch a glimpse of some stunning wildlife. While later that evening as you enjoyed some hot soup I wanted you to remember the experience of your day.

I wanted the thoughts of the mountains to revive your hearts.

If you are looking for Vision and Inspiration in 2022 then we invite you to join us in the story of Canada.  You may find yourself by the ocean, enjoying a picnic, walking the trials of a certain Park or visiting some obscure village that is filled with the entrepreneurial spirit.

We want you to visit Canada with us this coming year and to experience all things Canadian.

And if you'd like to join us on this journey then we are offering you a limited time offer of a discount PLUS an additional gift valued at $20 on the purchase of a One-Time Box. Oh no this is not a bribe to get you to purchase but it's an offer to come and experience Canada in 2022.

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