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TRUE NORTH Rewards are here!

Yay!  We are feeling  a little bit excited that we get to offer you some TRUE NORTH rewards for shopping with us. 

Now we know these are not life changing but with consistency rewards can prove to be super wonderful.  Especially if you're like me and you like to save 'reward spending' for special occasions.

Sincerely though, it's our hope and dream to continue to build and grow a wonderful on-line, home-grown, all Canadian shopping experience for you at True North. Our goal is to continue to build our on-line store and subscription boxes so that maybe you might choose to shop with us for your gift giving and treat buying experience.  

So please scroll down to the 'footer/bar and click the sweet shopping bag with the heart and make sure you are signed up for our rewards program.  You can earn a number of rewards by not even spending a penny (I'm British so I suppose I should say cent ... smile) and that will be your start to earning some freebies down the road.

Please check back often as we hope to add many lovely things to our Moose Creek Market place and our subscription boxes over the next year.

When do the rewards expire you ask?  Oh, my friend they never expire! So keep on collecting rewards as long as you like and we hope to be able to send you some free gifts down the road.

Thank you for your love and support of all things Canadian made! 


PS Think you know a maker that would be perfect for our Moose Creek Store? Then please contact us so we can see if they qualify.



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