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True North Summer Subscription So Excited To Reveal These 7 Amazing Canadian Small Businesses

June has been an absolute blur and we CANNOT believe that July is now knocking on the back door! Where did the month go?!

Along with all the involvement of ordering products, receiving, packing, and shipping our summer boxes my husband and *cough* I (it's all him I just eat what grows) tend a HUGE vegetable garden.  Big enough that we can stock the freezer and give tons away.  So yeah... June flew by!

But, before I got into the garden I shipped every last one of your boxes and now that I see 99.9% have been received I feel free to be able to post about the loveliness that was True North's Summer Subscription Box.

It has been our joy to work alongside 7 amazing Canadian Small Businesses. And I'd love to introduce them to you!

True North Summer Subscription Canadian small business

#1 Elle Studio Organics a lovely Canadian small business coming from the province of Manitoba.  They provided us with the completely natural hand and body lotion that will hydrate and nourish your skin throughout the summer months. 


True North Summer Subscription Canadian Small Businesses

# 2 Grow Tea Company based out of Banff, Alberta supplied the delicious organic Strawberry Leaf Black Tea that will make a perfect ice tea for the hot summer months.  We love to reveal this Canadian small business and we're so honored to have them in our Summer Subscription Box. Isn't their packaging pretty?!

True North Summer Subscription Canadian Small Businesses

# 3 FurEver Farm House is our 'go-to' custom designer who will work with our dreams and ambitions to bring you something unique.  As a small business owner working from her hobby farm, Kristen has been a delight to showcase in our summer subscription boxes. Use these planters for growing flowers, herbs or storing your lotion bottles.  Have fun with this one!

 True North Summer Subscription Canadian Small Businesses

# 4 The seed packs were provided by The Mill, Ridgeway from Ontario.  A  family-run Canadian greenhouse they were accommodating and supplied the flower and herb seed packs that were included in each of the summer subscription boxes.

# 5 Kliin Co based out of Quebec was started by the owner Marie-Pierre after a friend returned from Europe with a gift pack of reusable towels.  As a resourceful Canadian Entrepreneur Marie-Pierre set to work to create her 'own made and produced' in Canada line of organic re-usable towels.  We are proud to be able to present this eco-friendly product in our Canadian-made summer subscription box!  Each box received a pack of three eco-friendly, re-usable cloths.

True North Summer Subscription Canadian Small Businesses

# 6 Geti Cosmetics another small Canadian business based out of British Columbia where the founder Ashley comes from a strong indigenous family. Being taught the value of using all kinds of plants for health, beauty & medicinal benefits, and after going through her health scare, Ashley decided to re-evaluate and her life and what she put on and in her body. As a result, Geti Cosmetics was born and we are so happy to have partnered with Ashley for our summer subscription box where we included her 'Hey Rose' Repairing Mask.

True North Summer Subscription Box Canadian Small Businesses

And finally who is the 7th small business?  Well, that would be us lol Without your support we would not exist.  True North Subscription Boxes exist to come alongside small Canadian business owners.  We never ask for products for free or at cost.  We pay the asking price from the business owner so that we can encourage their small business.  We are so thankful to partner with so many amazing Canadian small business owners. Now onto the Fall box!

Take care,


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PPS Would you like to see our garden?  Let me know!

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