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10 Ways to help you sleep better

10 Ways to sleep better in a cozy bed

Have you ever wished that you could sleep better? Sleep is so very important for our physical and mental health and yet so many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can affect our mood, memory and daily functions. So in order to get by we grab our favourite donut or jack ourselves up on caffeine as a way to get through the day. But we’ve come up with 10 tips that we think could help you sleep better.

1. Try to get to sleep at the same time each night. I know that it's not always the easiest but if you can set yourself a time slot in which you get yourself to bed then you actually help your body to set it's natural time clock. This may not happen straight away but being consistent will help.

2. Find the ideal temperature for your bedroom. Listen, I know that this may not be the easiest especially if you are in 'hot-flash' season (can I get a witness). Being too warm can make it difficult to fall asleep and being too cold can cause you to wake up. So try to find a happy medium. I like the window open just a snitch but with extra blankets near by. You might also want to look into a thinner summer duvet and light nightshirt and a heavier winter duvet and cozy PJ's.

Husky laying on a bed

3. Pets in their own beds! I know! I'm a dog mum so I heard all those gasps! There is northing like having your best fur-friend snuggle up to you - I love it too but when the lights go out you need to tuck them into their own beds, lay all the kisses on them and then say goodnight. I mean, how many of you have woken up with a cat on your head or two inches of bed to lay on! I speak from experience ... not the cat on my head part.

4. Turn off the screens at least 45 mins before turning off the lights. Take time to relax. This could be a relaxing bath, a good book, a herbal tea, journaling, lighting a scented candle ... whatever brings you calm ... do it before bed. Keeping your bedroom clean & tidy with limited noise will help you drift off to sleep.

Eye Pillow

5. Eye Pillows. I never use to 'get' eye pillows. I thought they were for people who had too much time on their hands or were only used when having a manicure or pedicure.. silly me! I've come to realize that a weighted eye pillow can be such a comfort in helping the mind to rest. Whether you use it cold or warm the weight of the pillow on your eyes for a few minutes before drifting off to sleep can help with tension head aches, allergies and tired eyes. We have a few of these left in our market place that you can add to your True North summer box if you think it will help.

# 6 - 10 Scenting your room, avoiding caffeine, avoid snoozing late afternoon, investing in a good mattress or getting in some exercise ... all these things things can aid in a good nights sleep.

I truly hope that one of these suggestions helps you!
Sweet dreams friend!


(disclaimer: I am NOT a medical professional or sleep expert.
If you think you have a health issue that is preventing sleep please visit your doctor!)

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