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A candle is a small humble friend that can be found in many homes across this great land of Canada  No matter the size of a home the lighting of a candle can change the feel, mood & grandeur of any room by the simple strike of a match.
Whether you've reached the end of a long day or you're lighting a candle to celebrate, there is nothing like the flickering flame of an all natural candle to calm the mind and allow you to just breathe.
Our candle experience boxes are designed to encourage you to do just that to slow down, take time for yourself and simply relax & breathe because truly... you deserve this.
All of our candles are made by small batch Canadian candle makers who use only natural ingredients ensuring that you enjoy a healthy candle burning experience.
Choose your candle experience box from the options below and let us deliver some light to your front porch.
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS Spring Candle Experience Box
    NORTHERN LIGHTS Spring Candle Experience Box
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