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About Us



 Hi there, we're so pleased to meet you!  Thanks for stopping by!

We are Shelley & Jan and we've been good friends for a looong time! Both of us have a heart for the Canadian small business owner and it's this heart that has inspired us to create TRUE NORTH Canadian Trading the home of your Canadian curated subscription boxes!

Jan, together with her husband Gino, has run her own small business in Niagara Falls for the past 30 years.   And Shelley, married to Shane, grew up in a home where her family ran their own successful small business for many years. 

We like to call ourselves the cheerleaders of the Canadian small business owner by delivering their unique hand-crafted products to your front porch.  We know how much love, time and attention is given to hand-crafted items and we love that they are so unique and distinctive and crafted with so much heart! We also know the power of partnership and cheering one another on and so that is why we exist; to encourage you as you purchase one of our boxes and to lift up the small business owner as they pour themselves into their craft.

Also each time a TRUE NORTH box is sold we donate a portion of the sale to help those who do  not have the resources to provide for their families.  We do this by purchasing sewing machines for moms and tools for dads so that they can start their own businesses.  We also give to the purchase of seeds so that families can grow be their own crops and be self-supporting.  So be encouraged to know that every time you purchase a box or refer a friend to us then you will have been a part of giving back to struggling families.

It truly is our hope that every time you open one of our boxes you will experience the wonder, sights and smells of this amazing land called Canada.  We are so blessed to live here!  Don't you agree?!

We hope you'll join us in supporting Canadian small businesses and families in need and maybe one of our boxes will arrive on your front porch.  We truly hope so!

Thanks so much for being here,

Shelley & Jan


      (Shelley & Shane)                       (Jan & Gino)


 If you would like to know more about the organization that we are giving too then please CLICK HERE