free shipping with a purchase of cold/hot hand packs


Hi Friends,

For a limited time we are offering FREE shipping on all orders that purchase a pair of our cold/hot packs.  These packs can be used in the summer months to ease sunburn, mosquito bites, bee stings and head aches!  They can be used to help sooth a bruise or to simply help you cool down.  Keep them in the fridge or freezer and they will be ready when you need them.

In the winter months these packs are wonderful to help keep your hands warm when watching (or playing) ice hockey, sledding, walking the dog or shoveling snow!  Pop them in the microwave and they are ready to go!  

When you check out make sure you select 'Purchased a pair of pocket warmers' in the shipping drop down menu and that will enable the free shipping option for you.


ANNUAL & SEASONAL SUBSCRIBERS: what if you've already paid for your annual/seasonal shipping fee.  Then when you purchase a pair of warmers just email us and we'll refund you the cost of the shipping for the box that they will be delivered in.

If you are considering purchasing an annual or seasonal subscription then we will refund you the cost of shipping for the one box that the warmers are included in.  The refund is processed within 24-36 hours of your purchase.

And if you have any further questions you can always email us at

**Please note that fabric colors may change during the year.