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What's in your Box? (Pictures)


 So what will be in your TRUE NORTH box? 
Such a great question!
At TRUE NORTH we have two objectives:

Our first objective is to deliver a TRUE NORTH box of comfort to your front porch that will really encourage you.
We already know that you are a lover of all things Canadian made and that you love to support small businesses. 
You see we know that you take great delight in the seemingly 'small things' in life, 
which are so often the 'bigger' things … right.
Big things like … slowing down for a moment.  Stopping to breath and taking in the sights and sounds around you.  Whether that's standing outside in a wide open space loving nature or whether its wandering through a small boutique store and gazing at the many unique items you find there.
You love the smallest of details.
You find pleasure in examining beautifully handcrafted items and seeing the uniqueness in each piece. 
You love one-of-a-kind items and things that make you feel special...so do we!
That's why we source unique, hand crafted products from various Canadian small business owners all across Canada. We fill each TRUE NORTH box with products that can't be found in big department stores, all with the intention of delivering a box of unique goodness to your front doorstep.
Secondly, we have a heart to lift up and encourage the Canadian small business owner.  We love their heart and the dedication that they bring to their craft.  We love that they are forging out a living for their families by pouring themselves into their businesses.  And although we know that they don't need us we also have a desire, in some small way,  to be a part of their success story by coming alongside to help lift them up and make them known through our boxes.
Great question...here's the answer!
Love, commitment, dedication,
hours of creating unique
& lovingly crafted handmade products.
We hope you love your TRUE NORTH box as much as we have loved delivering it to your front porch!
Fall Box, knitted headband, fall sign, pancake mix, cookie, candle